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Top 3 Ways I Use Drafts

The Drafts app is an amazing application for the iPad and iPhone that will allow you to explode your productivity when it comes to entering text into your mobile device. (Sorry android users this is apple only)

When it came to adding notes into my iPhone I was extremely frustrated. It took multiple clicks and was a cumbersome process. Plus, I would put todo's in one place, notes in another and thoughts and ideas in another.

It was hard to organize the apps so they were easy and convenient to get to. Now, with drafts I do not need to worry about where the app lives on my iPhone or iPad. I can simply open up Drafts, type away and then send the text to what ever app it needs to go to through what they call actions.

This thing is a true game changer. Another thing I love about it is it opens up to a blank screen and keyboard ready for you to type. One click and you are off and writing.

Here are the top 3 ways I use Drafts

  1. With Evernote – I love evernote. I use it to capture all of my thoughts, ideas, and notes. The problem is the evernote app is cumbersome to use.

    You have to open the app, find the little icon that will allow you to create a note, and then start typing. It works, it is just to many steps.

    With Drafts you simply open up the app and start typing. Then you send it to evernote through a custom action. Which is super cool. You can set it up to send the note to a certain notebook and with predefined tags, all by clicking one button. It is a true time saver.

  2. My Journal – I try to journal daily. They way I journal is a bit different than most however. As the day goes I will type out a short piece of text and add it to that days journal entry.

    There are a couple different apps that will allow you to do this, but I used an app called PostEver. It would create 1 note for the day and then append any additional notes I add through the day to the original note. So all my entries were in order, time stamped, and sent to Evernote.

    Well, Drafts allows you to do this with their custom evernote actions. Setting up actions is for another post, but that is where the power lies inside of drafts.

  3. To type out my posts in markdown – I love using markdown to format my posts. And drafts allows you to use, preview, and convert markdown into HTML right inside of the app.

    So, instead of spending another $2.99 on a writing app that supports markdown, I simply do my writing in drafts. Plus the app supports TextExpander, which is another awesome app.

So that is the top 3 ways I use the Drafts app on my mobile devices. This post is actually being created in the app. Which is cool. Plus it keeps an archive of all your “drafts” so you can look through them at any time.

If you wold like to Learn more about Drafts you can visit their website By clicking here


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